Jeremy Kane

Jeremy Kane

Snatch: 275

Sub 3 min 30 rmu

6:38 2k row

335 power clean


B.S. Exercise Physiology and Sports Science

Minor in Military Science

Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) pending

CCP 1MWOD tactical



About Coach

I grew up an athlete playing football and baseball which led me to have the competitive mindset I have today. Once joining the military in 2014, I spent the majority of my enlisted time chasing opportunities to work with high-level military units. In 2017 I suffered an injury to my knee (ACL and Meniscus) that left me plenty of time during recovery to think about what I wanted. At the time I was still coaching individuals however I didn’t have a purpose for what I was going to do next for myself. That’s when I learned without a purpose or driving factor talents you have aren’t worth anything. I was athletic, talented, and intelligent with my job but didn’t have a driving factor or purpose for what to do.

Turning Point

A turning point for me was to prove to myself and others that setbacks can lead to great things with the right work ethic. In 2018 following surgery, I made the decision to commission as an Officer in the military and fuel my competitive drive by competing in the sport of CrossFit. A purpose and drive committed to focusing on the 1% every day have led me to qualify for CanWest Sanctional as well as continue to grow as a coach and become a lifelong learner.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching for me provides a great purpose in life and gives me an identity outside of being an intense focused athlete. It allows me the opportunity to work individuals who share that same passion for getting better. I jokingly say all I do is workout and coach but it is true. Outside of being an athlete, I take tremendous pride in helping individuals reach their potential and be the best version of themselves! I love working with athletes who demand to be better in all aspects of their life!

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