Elyse Guillaudeu

Elyse Guillaudeu


Back Squat: 290lb - Road to 300, LETS GOOOO!

Clean & Jerk (MY FAV): 225lb

Overhead Squat: 205lb

Half Marathon Best Time: 1hr 45 min.

Love me some wall balls and deadlifts


Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Radford University

CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

While in college my love for exercise and the science behind it blossomed. I started off as a Health and Physical Education major and spent most of my time working with youth and young adults with special needs. It was there that I found the value in a healthy lifestyle and enjoyed having the ability to share that with others. That has tied into what I'm now blessed to do on a daily basis, coach. It truly brings me joy to help others through their fitness/health journey.

Turning Point

When I graduated college I wanted to find a workout routine that would help me stay in shape. In 2013, I walked into my first Crossfit gym and instantly fell in love. The biggest thing I struggle with is lacking confidence in myself and my abilities. Crossfit has helped me gain confidence in myself in so many ways. I am lucky to be surrounded by a positive community that encourages me on a daily basis. It wasn't until about 2015 when I did my first competition, Superfit Richmond, and there's been no looking back. There's nothing better than the rush of being on the competition floor and doing well / winning helps too :). I've been able to compete at Power Athlete Team Series, Wodapalooza, Granite Games, and many local competitions, and recently qualified for CanWest. Every day I enter the gym is another day I am able to face fears, try something new and push myself to be a better person than I was before. This is what I find to be so great about the gym; everyone is able to come and try something new or push a little harder than the day before; improving 1% daily.

Motivation & Passion

I really hope to be an inspiration to other women and specifically young women. Growing up I was a cheerleader and grew up in a society where being thin was supreme. I was never taught that it's cool to be strong or fit. I really hope that I can be a factor in other women stepping outside their comfort zone and pushing towards whatever goals they may have. Always remember to focus on your lane and your goals; not compare yourself to others. " Who runs the world? Girls."

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